F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


phat (adj):very good, excellent
E.g.:The band has a really phat sound.
E.g.:Dude! That shit is phat!  🙂

napkin (n) a small square piece of cloth or paper, used while you are eating to protect your clothes or to clean your mouth or fingers

serviette (n):a square piece of cloth or paper used while you are eating for protecting your clothes or cleaning your mouth and fingers

paper towel (n): a sheet of soft thick paper used for drying your hands, cleaning objects, absorbing liquids, etc.

wet wipes (n):a small piece of wet cloth or paper that is used once for cleaning something, usually sold in a pack:
E.g.: Don’t forget to take wet wipes to wash sticky hands and faces.

toilet paper (n):soft paper, usually in a long roll, used to clean yourself when you have used the toilet

tissue (n):soft paper that is used for cleaning, especially your nose, and is thrown away after use, or a small rectangular piece of this
E.g.: She handed me a tissue just before I sneezed.
E.g.: I always keep a box of tissues in the car.
E.g.: He used a piece of tissue to clean his sunglasses.

a piece/sheet of paper

Kleenex (n):a brand name for a type of thin, soft paper that comes in separate sheets, or one of these sheets
E.g.: She dried her eyes with a Kleenex.

flushable (adj):able to be got rid of down the toilet:
E.g.:Wipe up the spill with flushable paper and dispose of it in the toilet.
E.g.:We use diapers with a flushable liner.

phat- /fæt/