F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


lip-synch (v): Performers who lip-synch songs pretend to be singing them when in fact they are just moving their lips.(演员)假唱,对口型

impersonate (v): to intentionally copy another person’s characteristics, such as their behavior, speech, appearance, or expressions, especially to make people laugh(尤指为逗人发笑)扮演,模仿
E.g.: She’s the woman who impersonates all the celebrities on TV.

imitate (v):to behave in a similar way to someone or something else, or to copy the speech or behavior, etc. of someone or something模仿,仿效
E.g.: Some of the younger pop bands try to imitate their musical heroes from the past.
E.g.: They produce artificial chemicals which exactly imitate particular natural ones.

layover (n):a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else(尤指飞行途中的)短暂停留
E.g.: We had a four-hour layover in Chicago.
E.g.: We will have 60h layover in Sydney on the way back from Fiji.

islet (n):a small island
E.g.: an islet in the San Blas archipelago

ferry/ferry boat (n):a boat or ship for taking passengers and often vehicles across an area of water, especially as a regular service(尤指定期的)渡船,轮渡
E.g.: a car ferry
E.g.: We’re going to the Channel Islands by/on the ferry.
E.g.: We took the ferry to Calais.