F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


fitness (n):activities relating to keeping healthy and strong, especially through exercise:
E.g.: The increase of interest in health and fitness means that most hotels now have gyms and pools.
E.g.: the fitness industry/sector
E.g.: a fitness centre/club
E.g.: fitness trainers/instructors

On/during the weekends

cast concrete
prefabricated concrete elements

prefabricated (adj):Prefabricated buildings or objects are built from parts that have been made in a factory and can be put together quickly:
E.g.: a prefabricated house


their craftsmanship is very delicate-他们的工艺很精细

execute (v):to do or perform something planned:
Now that we have approval, we can go ahead and execute the plan.

futuristic building design-未来主义建筑设计

food is our basic need


exhibitions -/ˌek.səˈbɪʃ.ən/
timber- /ˈtɪm.bɚ/