F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


jealous (adj): 1-upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person:
E.g.: a jealous husband/wife
E.g.: Anna says she feels jealous every time another woman looks at her boyfriend.

wet wipes -toallitas humedas, a small piece of wet cloth or paper that is used once for cleaning something, usually sold in a pack:
E.g.: Don’t forget to take wet wipes to wash sticky hands and faces.

load (v): 1-to put a lot of things into a vehicle or machine:
E.g.: How long will it take to load this sand onto the truck?
E.g.: Let’s load up the car and then we can go.
E.g.: to load the dishwasher/washing machine

while -mientras

lazy (adj): 1-not willing to work or use any effort:
E.g.: Managers had complained that the workers were lazy and unreliable.
E.g.: Get out of bed, you lazy thing!
E.g.: He’s too lazy to walk to work.

housewarming party-fiesta de inauguracion, -a party that you give when you move into a new house:
E.g.: We’re having a housewarming on Friday if you’d like to come.
E.g.: My friends moved into a new apartment and they are organizing a housewarming party.

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