F2F Class Notes (Nemo)

In some of libraries which most people love has a familiar phenomenon that is stand in a long queue. This libraries must to control the number of people. Nowadays exhibition has more and more ways. Some big libraries used multimedia and VR and so on advanced technique. That make exhibition has more attraction.

In some of the most popular museums long lines are a common occurrence. These museums must control/limit the number of people/visitors. Nowadays, the exhibition forms are increasingly diverse.Some big museums use modern technologies such as multimedia and virtual reality to make the exhibitions more attractive.



occurrence (n): something that happens
Street-fights are an everyday occurrence in this area of the city.

diverse (adj): including many different types of people or things
Students from countries as diverse as Colombia and Lithuania use Cambridge textbooks.
New York is a very culturally/ethnically diverse city.

diverse (adj): very different from each other
We hold very diverse views on the topic.

in a month I should/ I’m supposed to take an exam


A: New Zealand has a population of over four million people

B: New Zealand has a population of over four millions people

The first sentence (A) is correct and the second sentence (B) is incorrect

When we have large numbers or a specific number, we do NOT put an S at the end of hundred, thousand, and million.

We say five thousand (correct)
NOT five thousands (incorrect).

Sometimes we say a hundred instead of one hundred and a thousand instead of one thousand (and the same for a million).

Remember, when we are talking about an exact number (e.g. one million, eight thousand, two hundred and sixty-four), we do not put an S on the end of any of the numbers.

He won a million dollars in the lottery
= He won exactly $1,000,000
He won millions of dollars in the lottery
= He won an unspecified amount but it was in the millions.他赢了一笔数目不详的钱,但以百万计。

We often use hundreds/millions etc when we want to give the impression of ‘very many’ and we are often exaggerating, using the numbers as a figure of speech.


I went camping in Australia and returned with hundreds of mosquito bites!
This is obviously an exaggeration but it gives the impression of very many.

I went camping in Australia and returned with one hundred mosquito bites.
This gives an impression that you literally have one hundred bites on your body. It sounds like you counted them since it is a specific number.