F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


spit it out!
used to tell someone to start speaking or to speak more quickly, when they are unwilling to speak or are speaking slowly
E.g.: Come on, spit it out, who told you about this?

hesitate (v): to pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it
E.g.: She hesitated slightly before answering the detective’s question.
E.g.: “Do you love me?” she asked. He hesitated and then said, “I’m not sure.”

my spoken English is bad


younger brother 弟弟
older brother 哥哥

younger sister-妹妹
older sister-姐姐

cousin/first cousin (n)-a child of a person’s aunt or uncle, or, more generally, a distant (= not close) relation
E.g.: My brother’s wife and I both had babies around the same time, so the cousins are very close in age.
E.g.: Many of our distant cousins, whom we hadn’t seen for years, came to my sister’s wedding.

my grandfather died two years ago and my grandmother died a year after him

how often do you go home?你多久回家一次?
E.g.: I go twice/once a year