F2F Class Notes (Nemo)


two degrees below zero-零下2度

I have many class in tomorrow-I have many classes tomorrow

I was helping with my mother’s company’s official channel subscriptions

I travel twice a year
I travel twice per year
I travel twice during a year

When I travel, I usually travel for at least 7 days.

since I was eleven years old, my mom let me travel on my own-从我十一岁起,我妈妈就让我独自旅行

clinic (n): a building, often part of a hospital, to which people can go for medical care or advice relating to a particular condition
E.g.: Bring your baby to the clinic and we’ll take a look at her.
E.g.: My grandma works at the university’s clinic.

content (n): (书、讲话、节目等的)主题,主要内容
the subject matter of a book, speech, programe, etc.the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film:
E.g.: It’s a very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks content.
E.g.: We’ve discussed the unusual form of the book – now, what about the content?
E.g.: I write content for my mother’s webpage

web design-网页设计