F2F Class Notes (Li)[R]


doze off: to start to fall asleep, especially during day time

eg. Jack can’t stop himself from dozing off in class every day.

eg. The office was so hot I nearly dozed off at my desk.

violent: sudden and powerful 猛烈的;强烈的

eg. The taxi drove violently down the road.

eg. He has a violent temper.

swerve: change direction suddenly 急转弯

eg. The bus driver swerved to avoid hitting a cyclist.

zigzag: 曲折行进

eg. The drunk man zigzagged across the road.

horror: 恐惧;震惊

eg. The passengers watched in horror as the taxi driver hit the man.

get away with sth: 做(坏事)而未被发觉

eg. Everyone thinks he’s guilty, but it looks like he’s going to get away with it.

has/had no clue: not sure of something

eg. He asked her to tell her the details but she has no clue.

conference: 会议,大会

eg. He went to New York to attend this year’s conference.

lost and found: 失物招领

passer-by: 路人

eg. My brother was lost in Thailand so he asked a passer-by for directions.


When I sit in the taxi and in the middle of my trip, someone open the taxi. In the local it is common for people to open the door and share the taxi. But, the taxi driver didn’t tell me that it is okay to share the taxi. I don’t know why but not very scared.


When I sat in the taxi, in the midst of my trip, someone opened the door. Locally, it is common for people to open the door and share a taxi. But, the taxi driver didn’t tell me that it is okay to share a taxi. I don’t know why but I was not very scared.



A friend of mine lived in Hanoi for a few years. Taxis there were very cheap and she used them a lot. One night a taxi driver suggested he didn’t put the meter on and offered a cheaper price for the journey. Too tired to argue she agreed. But just as the taxi was about to turn the final corner a man opened the door and jumped in beside her! She thought he wanted a ride so she decided to get out. But the man wouldn’t let her pay and started shouting angrily at the driver. To my friend’s horror he then started hitting the driver around the head. Rather frightened she got out the car and ran down the road. Only later did she find out that the taxi driver had been caught stealing from his company and they didn’t want him to get away with it.