F2F Class Notes (Li)[R]


productivity: 效率

eg. Employee productivity levels improved when they worked 4 days a week.

trial: 试验;试用

eg. The trial programme lasted for a week.

headquarters: 总部

eg. My company is headquartered in Tokyo.

paid leave: 有薪假

eg. Do you have paid leave?

benefits: 利益,好处

eg. What are the benefits of exercising?

overtime: 加班

eg. She doesn’t have to work overtime today.

flexible: 有弹性的

eg. She has flexible work hours.


although I am black – although I am dark 

a little time to overtime – I rarely work overtime


trialed – try-al-ed

rarely – raah(long sound)-ly

really – reel(long sound)-ly



Microsoft trialed a four-day working week in Japan. Workers’ productivity and job satisfaction improved. The trial was at the tech giant’s Tokyo headquarters. Workers had every Friday off as paid leave in August. Analysts found the shorter working week had several benefits. Productivity rose by 40 per cent and 92 per cent of workers were happy with the trial. It could change Japan’s famous workplace practices of long hours and overtime.