F2F Class Notes (Li)[R]


hard to digest: 难以(让人)接受

eg. Sometimes stories about the dangers of eating certain things can be hard to digest.

tuck into: 尽情地吃,痛快地吃

eg. Tom loves to tuck into a bowl of fries for lunch.

processed foods: 经过加工的食品

eg. People find it hard to avoid eating processed foods.

nutritious: 营养丰富的

eg. Unprocessed foods are more nutritious than processed foods.

preservative: 防腐剂

eg. I would check the ingredients list to see if there are any preservatives when I shop for food.
sweetener: 甜味剂

eg. Artificial sweeteners are bad for your health.
colour enhancers: 色素

hard to swallow: 令人难以置信

eg. Hearing about the truth is hard to swallow for her.

consumption: 食用

eg. People should change their food consumption habits if they want to live a healthier life.
cardiovascular disease: 心血管疾病



It’s good to enjoy food, but sometimes stories about the dangers of eating certain things can be hard to digest. I love to tuck into to a pepperoni pizza or munch on a jam doughnut, even though I know the dangers that lurk in their ingredients. It’s clear that processed foods are not the most nutritious things; but there now comes a new threat – from ultra-processed foods.

Scientists have now discovered that eating these types of food – such as chicken nuggets, ice cream and breakfast cereals – have been linked to early death and poor health. This is the stuff that has been through more substantial industrial processing and often has long ingredient lists on the packet, including added preservatives, sweeteners or colour enhancers.

Knowing that your bowl of cornflakes could be bad for you might be hard to swallow, but two studies have shown that people eating more ultra-processed food had worse heart health. Dr Mathilde Touvier from the University of Paris, who conducted one of the studies, told the BBC: “The rapid and worldwide increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods, to the detriment of less processed foods, may drive a substantial burden of cardiovascular diseases in the next decades.”


nugget – nah-get

nutritious – new-tri-shus

preservatives – pre-ser-vuh-tives

sweeteners – swee(long sound)-ten-ers

cardiovascular – car-dio-vest-cue-lar

uncertainty – un-cer-ten-ty

Mediterranean – me-di-ta-ray-nian