F2F Class Notes (Lily)[R]


happy (adj)
happily (adverb)

ex: he is a happy boy
ex: he sings happily.


1.contract= 合约 合同
labour contract= 人事合同
ex: if you break the contract, you have to pay a lot of money.
ex: you have to sign the labour contract if you want to work in a company.

2.celebrity= stars 明星
ex: The paparazzi likes to take pictures of celebrities.
ex: my favorite celebrity is Jay Chou.

3. yell at= 骂 (大声吼)
ex: my mom always yells at me if I don’t clean my bedroom.
ex: My friend always yells at me when I’m late.

4. novel= 小说
ex: Some people like to read romantic novels, but I’m not into it.

5. biography= 自传
ex: Mr X has a biography, I’ve read it on Baidu.

6. choices= 选择( noun)
choose (verb)= 选择 (verb)
chose (verb)= 选择了
ex: I regret the choice.
ex: it’s hard for him to choose a restaurant that he likes.

7. judge (verb) = 批判
judgement= 审判力
ex: we shouldn’t judge others by their look.
ex: it’s hard to have the right judgement all the time.

8.trashy 无价值
ex: this is a trashy novel, I don’t want to read it.

.9.a biography 自传
ex: I have read Ma Yun’s biography.

10. a light read 文笔轻松,欢快的小说
ex:  I always do a light read when I’m in the car.

12. to take one’s mind off work 不再思考工作
ex: You should take your mind off work for 2 weeks, and enjoy your vacation.

13.to show off 炫耀
ex: People like to show off what they don’t have.

14. don’t jump to any conclusions 不要轻率下结论
ex: it takes time to know a person, we should jump to any conclusions.

15. don’t judge a book by its cover 不要以貌取人
ex: If you don’t spend enough time with her, please don’t judge a book by its cover.

16. correct = right 对的☑️
ex: he thinks he’s always correct.


What do you read when you are travelling by train or bus?

What are other passengers reading? Perhaps a woman sitting near you is reading a trashy romantic novel. A man is reading a serious biography about a politician. And there’s a student reading an English textbook.

What do their choices say about them? Do you judge them by what they are reading?

I have got to tell you that your impressions of them are probably completely wrong. The woman reading the romantic novel could be a lawyer. She just wants a light read to take her mind off work.

The man reading the biography wants you to think that he is an intellectual, but he is just showing off. The student reading the textbook isn’t a student at all. She’s an English teacher.

Publishers know that some people are self-conscious about what they read on public transport and so they put out different versions of a cover. For example, books about Harry Potter have an original cover for young readers and then another more serious version for adults.

So next time you are on a train, look around and see what other people are reading, but don’t jump to any conclusions. You will probably be wrong.

Here is a situation where you could say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover“.