F2F Class Notes (Lily)[R]


1.compensation= 补偿
ex: My company gave me one month salary as a compensation.

2.fired= 炒鱿鱼
ex: he fired my nanny because we were talking behind his back.

3. accurate (adj)=精准的
ex: the numbers are very accurate, your weight is a good one.
ex: his translations are very accurate.

4. translate(verb)=翻译
translator (person)= 翻译家
translation (noun)= 翻译
ex: I can’t understand this, can you translate it for me?
ex: I was working as a translator last year for a design company.
ex: I have to do many translations everyday, including powerpoint, proposals, contracts etc.

5. polite (adj)= 礼貌的
impolite (adj)= 不礼貌的
ex: he’s very polite, he will offer his seat to old people.
ex: He’s very impolite, he will yell at other drivers.

6. soft (adj)=轻声的
softly (adv)
ex: you speak too softly, I can’t hear you, can you speak louder?
ex: the music is too soft, can you turn it on louder?