F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking below, thank yoU! 🙂


1.struggling= 挣扎 很困难地
ex: I’ve always struggled with math, I wasn’t a math person.
ex: I’m struggling with the designs, I can’t make up my mind.

2. make up my mind= 决定 想清楚
ex: I like hotpot and noodles, I can’t make up my mind of what to eat tonight.
ex: You need to make up your mind, the tickets will be sold out soon.

3. screenshot= 截图
ex: can you show me the screenshot of your design? I don’t need the AI file.

4. shake= 抖
ex: I was so nervous, my voice was shaking. 
ex: It’s so cold, my hands are shaking.

4. shiver= 颤抖
ex: My body is shivering, it’s freezing out here.

5. I call shotgun= 我要副驾驶座
ex: “I called shotgun! You can’t sit here. I called first”.

6. chilled= 悠闲, 出来玩, 冷静
ex: this job is chilled = this job is boring, nothing much to do.
ex: let’s chill = let’s hang out
ex: you need to chill= you need to calm down


Last night I went a music concert of YQH, It was a fantastic live in HongKou Football Stadium. She sang a lot of songs which I had heard before/sounded familiar, many fans looked so crazy. She also sang a Jay’s song. We were permitted into the stadium at about 7 o’clock, and I went there at 7:30m, then the show began at 8 o’clock, we didn’t wait for too long. I went to Eason’s concert in 2014 and I didn’t wait for a long time either, but I think that concert was boring. He is good but for that live, he just sang sang sang and the songs were from his new albums. Many fans don’t know the songs, he didn’t interact with his fans.

YQH say many warm words, when we shouted “encore”, she sang 3 more songs. She sang “Shi Nian”. It costs me 680, and I regret for not buying the VIP. Recently I saw in my moment, I found that MayDay is preparing to have their concert. I will not go to MayDay’s concert because I can’t get the ticket and I don’t have enough money, the ticket is so expensive. Last night, when I saw the YQH live, I thought about this question, and I didn’t have an answer.

In the beginning, I think I would like to go back to my hometown, but I think my store would be opened at that time. So I probably don’t have enough time. I have to mail the deliveries to my customer. The store is still in the designing part. I found that other stores is pretty, and I can’t do as better as them. I am a designer but I’m not sure which style is suitable for our brand. I tried a lot of styles, but I’m still struggling with it. I comfort myself: the brand style is step to step to become their style. I just make sure the store could run at the beginning, then I will solve this problem later. I tell some of my friends and I told them the store would open in the end of September, but I think it would be a little bit difficult to realize.

I have a friend who has an online store by herself. She sent me screenshot and has a lot of windows. I have to go to HK at 11th for vaccination.