F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking below


1. interact (verb) =互动
interaction (noun)= 互动
ex: In Vancouver, Eason interacted with his fans during the concert.
ex: I had a good interaction with him at dinner.
ex: I don’t think Eason had a good interaction with fans for the last concert.

2. awkward=尴尬😅
ex: we “encored” for 30 minutes and GEM never came out, it was very awkward. 
ex: Recently, the host of GQ event was in an awkward situation because he wasn’t prepared.

3. mainland China= 内地
ex: In mainland China, YQH is less popular than HK.
ex: GEM is more popular in mainland China than HK.

4. encore= French word for “Again“
ex: I would never say encore again in anyone’s concert.
ex: I didn’t say encore yesterday, I just clapped my hands.

5. luxury= 奢侈品
luxury brand = 奢侈品品牌
ex: do you like to buy luxuries? No, I don’t have money.
ex: what is your favorite luxury brand? Chanel and Dior.


Last night I listened a music concert of YQH, It was so fantastic live in HongKou Football Stadium. She sang a lot of songs which I had heard before, many fans looked so crazy. She also sang a Jay’s song. We were permitted into the stadium at about 7 o’clock, and I went there at 7:30m, then the show began at 8 o’clock, we didn’t wait too much. I saw Eason’s concert in 2014 and I didn’t wait for a long time, but I think that concert was boring. He is good but that live, he just sang sang sang and songs are his new albums. Many fans don’t know the songs, he didn’t interact with fans.

YQH say many warm words, when we say “encore”, she sang 3 songs. She sang “Shi Nian”. It costs me 680, and I regret because I didn’t buy the VIP. Recently I saw my moment, I found that MayDay is preparing their concert. I will not go to MayDay’s concert because I can’t get the ticket and I don’t have enough money, the ticket is so expensive. Last night, when I saw the YQH live, I think about this question, and I didn’t get the answer.