F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking for next class.


Fry’s list: 21-40
one= wan
but= b ut
all= 噢

tall stall mall hallway wallpaper calling

st-sd sound: stop stall stream stupid stir stamp standard stand-up stub


at: used to describe somewhere more specific
ex: at home, at work

in: somewhere bigger
ex: Im in Shanghai, im not in HZ.


1.exhibition (noun) = 展览
ex: I like to go to exhibitions, it’s very fun.
ex: I like Vangoh’s exhibitions, because I like his colors.

2.donut (noun)= 甜甜圈 🍩
ex: I don’t like to eat donuts because they’re too sweet for me.
ex: I like to eat donuts because they make me happy.

3. industry (noun)=行业
ex: I am in the financial industry.
ex: It’s important to get into the right industry. 

4. salary (noun)= 工资
ex: I am satisfied with my current salary, I can afford my living.
ex: I should talk with the company about my salary.

5. it works= 这有用
ex: My phone doesn’t work/ is not working, can you check it out?
ex: Does it actually work? if you don’t eat sugar, you will look younger?

6. satisfied= 满意的


Yesterday my friend and I go to visit a exhibition about donuts. We took many photos about us, look some different donuts. Many people went to this exhibition. I always visit this with my friends. Yesterday 4pm, I went to LJZ for a interview, the boss tell me something about this work, need to do something. This work is very important, so I went to there four times. I exchanged our WeChat to write something about this work. Today he went to another city, when he came back to Shanghai, we should meet again. This job is I favorite, so I wait. I like to wait him come back. this job is in our industry is top.