F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]


on May 20th


1.study room= 自习室
ex: I like to study in the private study room.

2. except for XX= 除了XX
ex: I don’t like anyone except for you.

3. book an appointment= 预约
ex: Hi, I would like to book an appointment for tonight at 6 for 4 (people).

4. table for 4= 4个人的桌子
ex: do you have a table for 4?
ex: I’d like a table for 8.

5. twice= two times
ex: I’ve been to Disneyland twice. 

6. once= one time
ex: I’ve been to Japan once.

7. foot (1) >>> feet (many)
ex: my feet hurt from walking.
ex: I hurt my foot at a basketball game.

8. grade= 成绩
ex: I got really good grades in elementary school.

ex: I got a good mark on the math test.

10. perfect= 满分
ex: I got perfect on the test.

11. minimum passing grade/ grade cut-off point= 分数线
ex: I think I reached the minimum passing grade.
ex: the other schools have updated their minimum passing grade. 

12. maximum= 最高 最多
ex: you can take a maximum of 2 pills a day.

13. cocky= 觉得自己很了不起 装模作样
ex: my best friend is really cocky, she always says “why do people always say I’m skinny? feel me!”
ex: it’s hard to deal with people who are cocky.

14. on purpose= 故意的
ex: he said it on purpose.
ex: Joanna dropped her wallet on purpose so he could pick it up.


I don’t work hard or do some practices, but I get good grades . I think that’s really blessed. I really don’t do some reviews and past exams. I just do the first paper. This time, they don’t give the real grade line.


I don’t work hard or do any practices, but I get good grades . I think i’m really blessed. I really don’t do any reviews or past exams. I just did the first paper. So far, the school hasn’t told us the minimum passing grade yet.  don’t give the real grade line.