F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

please correct the speaking below, thanks!


I don’t to angry with him–> I’m not angry at him

I was always argue with him–> I always argue with him

I promised with my dad–> I promised my dad that.. 


1. military training= 军训
ex: I’ve never been in the military training. 

2. event= 活动
ex: I have a big event tomorrow, I need to sleep early.

3. site= 场地
ex: The site in Bangkok is really small.

4. backstage= 后台
ex: they could go to the backstage together because they are friends.

5. grateful= 感恩的
ex: I feel very grateful that my dad can support me.

6. handicapped= 残疾的
ex: Even if you are handicapped, you still have to go to the military for social service.

7. cruel (adj)= 残酷的
ex: After attending the army, most stars come back and are not famous anymore, it’s very cruel.


I was really busy last week. I was have braces, I teared down my braces yesterday. I go to Bangkok to saw a concert, it’s really hot and make me tired, like military training. I was don’t wanna go Bangkok. One day, Zoe told me “do you have other time have class”. I don’t have important things, I changed my class and get my last class on Thursday, and go to Bangkok on Friday. Because of my favorite member on this team, his birthday is on last weekend, so I think I must go to this concert to sing the birthday song.

One of the EXO, he was upload a letter and told the fans “I will get married”. He is in a team, the other members in the team don’t have girlfriends.