F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]


in Taobao–> on Taobao

would= want
could= can
should= need to

Would you go on a blind date? =你会想去相亲吗
could you go on a blind date tonight? 你今晚能去相亲吗?
should you go on a blind date? 你应该去相亲吗?


1.blind date= 相亲
ex: would you be willing to go on a blind date?

2.obvious= O vee yes 显然的
ex: It’s very obvious that you didn’t study your notes.
ex: It’s very obvious when you use google translate to do your homework.
ex: it’s very obvious that you like him, you always look at him.


I remember I was talking to my Japanese boss, and I told him ” we need to DI on the door”.