F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

please correct the speaking below, thanks!


1.shirts= 衬衫
ex: I have 20 shirts with different colors.

2.enterprise = 企业
ex: are you looking for a position in a state-owned enterprise?
ex: the private enterprise is not very stable due to recession.

3. state-owned= 国企
ex: it’s impossible for us to get a job in a state-owned enterprise.

4. recession= 萧条
ex: Due to recession, lots of companies are laying off their employees.


I bought some red wines and some new clothes, I can have a try, if it doesn’t fit to me, I can return them. Half the clothes are T-shirts. I have more than 20 T-shirts like this, different color. I can take the Tshirt for different color everyday, within one month. I have no choice to wore other clothes, and it’s necessary for me to wore shirts everyday.

When I was young, just graduated from university, I don’t like to wear shirts. Now I am adapt to shirts. I am flexible enough to adapt to anything and anybody.