F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking below, thanks!


1.accent= 口音
ex: Japanese people have a horrible English accent.

2.down (adj)= 低落😞
ex: I was so down after seeing my skin test results.

3. member= 会员
ex: I have a yearly membership at a beauty salon near my mom’s apartment.

4. ghetto= 破旧的
ex: There are many ghetto restaurants in SH that taste wonderful.
ex: There are many ghetto houses near HuaiHai Road.

5. boxer= 四角裤
ex: Most men just wear boxers on the street.
ex: In summer, many men like to wear boxers in the house.

6. flipflop= 夹脚拖

ex: Most people on the sand with flipflop.
ex: In Canada, if you wear flipflop, you cannot go into fine dining.

7. steep= 陡的
ex: the staircase in LanDi is very steep.

8. fine dining= 高级餐厅
ex: There’s a dress code in fine dining, no jeans, no sportswear.


Next month, I will go to Japan, so I need to advise about English sentence, I can’t speak fluently. Later on 2 months, I have lots of travel plans. I’m busy in the whole year. I heard about the colleagues told me, in Fuzhou there are lots of delicious food like seafood, and not a lot of people. I try to modify my life beat.