F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking below 🙂


1.dye= 染
ex: can you tell that I dyed my hair?
ex: my dad likes to dye his hair black.

2. grey hair= 白头发
ex: if my dad sees that he has grey hair, he will dye his hair.
ex: Allan doesn’t have grey hair.

3. genetic (adj)= 遗传性的
genes (noun)= 基因
ex: it’s a genetic disease, you mother had it, you will have it too.
ex: I have good genes, all my families are good looking.

4. wait for= 等
ex: I need to wait for the paint to dry before I paint again.
ex: I’ve waited for you for 10 mins.

5. turn (sb) in= 揭发
ex: I will turn myself in after I finish the class.
ex: You should turn yourself in, the police are looking for you.

6. sit in =旁听
ex: I wish I could sit in on my daughter’s English class, but I’m not allowed.


I found a strange thing regarding the English learning of my daughter. From the beginning of September, she started her English learning in KXD, it’s the agency under Webber. Every week, she need to join two English classes on Sunday. For the parents, we don’t have any opportunity to watch their lessons so after class, we usually ask our daughter: what did you learn during the class, but actually she couldn’t tell you anything about the class. Required by the school and teacher, we need to review the content which she studied during the class. My daughter can read after us, but if we required her to translate the Chinese into English, it’s very difficult to do so. If we said the English word, it’s easier for her to translate into Chinese. Sometimes we found she should know how to say the English word, but she didn’t want to say.