F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


simply= sim pleeee


I haven’t a plan –> I don’t have a plan

regardless of = 无论 不论
ex: regardless of the weather, I have to come to work.
ex: I have to come to work regardless. 


1.approach (verb)=接近
ex: summer is approaching!
ex: You can approach him in a nice way.

2. approach (noun)= way
ex: there are different approaches to solve the problem.
ex: this kind of approach may make your friend be angry.

3. target= 目标
ex: what’s your target this year?
ex: in order to accomplish my target, I must work hard.

4. genuine= real
ex: this is a genuine LV bag.

5. instant= 及时的
ex: can you come this instant?
ex: instant noodles/ cup noodles


2. Don’t ask if you can practice your English with us

This kind of transactional-like approach can simply make your target feel like they’re being used. Remember that foreigners in China can make good money giving simple conversation classes, so most will see no benefit in chatting with you simply so you can improve your English. Ask if they want to have a coffee or a drink sometime instead. You’ll still get to practice your English, but you might make a genuine friend, too!