F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


long vowel: iou

criticize compromise severe decline correct fascinate discriminate interfere beehive despite


frightened= very very scared
ex: I am frightened when I see cats.
ex: Chloe is frightened when she sees spiders.

fairy= 仙女
ex: I wish I could be a fairy so I will not grow old.
ex: Cinderella has a fairy Godmother.

fairy tale= 童话故事
ex: What’s your favorite fairy tale? Frozen


It was the day before Christmas. Two poor little children were out in the woods.They wanted to find a Christmas tree. Poor children! They had never had a Christmas tree. Oh dear me, said the little girl, we have nothing to put on a tree. the boy said, maybe we can find a tree with cones on it. Cones make a tree very pretty. The poor little children looked and looked. But they could not find any trees with cones on them. At last night came. It was dark in the big woods, and the children could not find their way home. We are lost, said the little boy, let us sit here under a tree and wait until morning. They were very very tired and before long the little girl fell asleep. I must not go to sleep, said the boy. I must take care of sisters he sat there a long long time. All at once, he saw a light, it grew bigger and bigger.

Look look little sister, he cried. See the beautiful light. Just as the little girl woke up, the children saw a beautiful fairy in the light. They had never seen a fairy before and were frightened. The fairy said, don’t be frightened, I am the Christmas fairy. The night before Christmas, I am always in the wood, I take care of children who come here.

Come with me, said the fairy and we will find a Christmas tree. She took them to a beautiful tree that had many many cones on it. Then the fairy said, little cones, light the tree. All at once each little cone was shining like the sun. What a beautiful Christmas tree, said the children. This is your tree, said the fairy, take it with you, and it will give you light all the way home. Thank you very much, dear fairy, said the happy children. They took the beautiful tree and soon found their way home. They put tree in the window