F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


they are more care about XX–> they care more about XX


1. In Roman, do as the romans do=  conform to the manners and customs of those amongst whom you live
ex: In Roman, do as the romans do, you should adapt to the custom/culture.

2.CBC= Canadian born Chinese
ABC= American born CHinese
ex: As a CBC, I was never fond of Chinese New Year.


Since China’s opening up to the world. Western cultures flooded into China. Some foreign festivals were also imported to China, and become very popular rapidly. At the same time, some traditional Chinese festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Double Seventh Festival and Qingming Festivals have declined. Some people conclude the traditional Chinese Festivals have been overshadowed by foreign festivals. For instance, China’s Double seventh Festival has been overshadowed by the Valentine’s Day, the Spring Festival by Christmas Day. This talk is to present some of the factors involved and offer my view on this fever.

The raising of celebrating foreign festivals apparently has something to do with the advancement of China’s economy. When a major festival arrives, the business is trying every means to boost the atmosphere, thus finding opportunity to attract every possible customer. The atmosphere raised by the businessmen, however, stimulate the public and enhance their desire to celebrate the foreign festivals.