F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


three little pigs


1. dare (verb)= 敢 (day er)
ex: do you dare to eat spiders?
ex: truth of dare? 真心话大冒险
ex: I dare you to go to Jesse and ask for his phone number.

2. shiver (verb)= 发抖
ex: I will shiver if I see a big cat.
ex: I’m shivering because it’s super cold.
ex: when I see snakes, I will shiver.

3. ladder= 梯子 (lad er)
ex: I need to climb up the ladder to get the ballon.
ex: When they climb the mountain, they need a ladder.

3. elevator (noun)=电梯 (L le va ter)
ex: I came up to the 9th floor by elevator.
ex: He has an elevator at home because he has a big house.

4. escalator (noun)= 电动扶梯 (es ka later)
ex: Every mall has escalators.
ex: I like the escalator more than the elevator, because I can see more things when I’m on the escalator. 


Dangerous Way for Chinese CHildren

A group of children in China have a dangerous journey to get home from school because they have to climb over a mountain cliff using wooden ladders.

To reach their remote village, they climb about twenty metres to the top while carrying bags or other items.

Villagers and even dogs travel this way, making it look almost easy. However, it is terrifying for some people, as they say it makes their legs shiver and they dare not look down.

Getting to the top is a relief as family and friends greet these children. Many of the students study in a school thirty miles away and have not been home in months.

The people in the village long for a safer way to get there, but they believe that a better future lies in getting education for their children.