F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


nut- n u t
peanut= PEE nut

find= f 爱 nd

ned= n e d

yard= y R d


Bunny Boy. Bunny boy was a white rabbit. He was a happy rabbit. Bunny boy liked to play with Anna and Ned. He liked to play with Spot, the cat, and Jack, the dog. They all liked Bunny boy. What fun they had. One day Bunny boy was playing in the yard with Spot and Jack. Bunny found a big dark hole under the house. What a big hole, he said. I will hide in it. Spot and Jack cannot find me. So bunny jumped into the hole. Down down down he fell. Oh oh said Bunny boy, how black it is down here, I am all black too. Where is bunny boy, said Ned. Where is bunny boy, said Anna? Oh dear, where can he be? they looked and looked for him. They looked in the house and in the yard. They looked up and down the street. Mother and Father looked. Spot and Jack looked. but one one could find bunny boy.