F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


kind find blind mind


1.choices/ selections (noun)= 选择
ex: there are more selections of food for KFC in China.

2. customize (verb)= 定制
ex: They customized the menu for different countries.

3. prefer (verb)= 更喜欢
ex: do you prefer sons or daughters?
ex: do you prefer Chinese food or Japanese food?

4. picky (adj)= 挑剔的
ex: Don’t be so picky, just eat it.
ex: You are too picky, that’s why you don’t have a boyfriend.

5. frustrated (adj)= 烦躁的
ex: I was so frustrated last month.

6. cheat on (someone) = 劈腿
ex: He cheated on me, so we broke up 他劈了我的腿 所以我们分手了

7. bad temper =脾气不好
good temper= 脾气好

8. divorce= 离婚


Are you ready to order? Yes I am/ give me some time please.
I’m waiting for my friend.