F2F Class Notes (Lily) [R]


expensive= ex BEN siv

town down brown clown downtown


1.steak= 牛排
hamburger 🍔
sandwich 三明治
fried chicken 🍗 炸鸡
dessert 甜品🍮
afternoon tea 下午茶☕️
hotpot= 火锅🍲

2. recommend (recomMEND)= 推荐
ex: which restaurant do you recommend?

3. French= 法国的
ex: I suggest you to take them to a French restaurant?
ex: Lily and Tibo and speak French.

4. authentic= real
ex: authentic French cuisine
ex: authentic Chanel bag
ex: authentic leather 真皮

5. treat (somebody) to dinner= 请( ) 吃饭
ex: Last night, I treated my friend to dinner.
ex: I’ll treat you to dinner tonight ! What do you want to eat?

6. have a good taste in ( something) = 对(     )有品位
ex: Mr Lee has a good taste in wines.
ex: Jay Chou has a good taste in cars.
ex: I think you have a good taste in girls.

7. book a table for + (number of people) at + (time)
ex: Hi, my name is (       ), I would like to book a table for (      ) at (     pm)

8. client= 客户
ex: *** is our biggest client. = ***是我们最大的客户
ex: you should not bring your friends to a client dinner.


page. 238

Talking among friends
Which restaurant shall we go to tonight?
do you know any other good restaurants?
could you recommend some good restaurants around here?