F2F Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


ai: pail pair nail hail tail rail bail gain rain drain Crain
ay: bay hay gay pay railway Sunday  sun ray

ea: meat heat preach bleach teacher feast yeast reach eat
ee: feed seed needy creed heed
ey: money monkey key ladybug  rainy cloudy windy snowy

oa: boat coat boast coach poach roast soak soap moan loan roar

they the this= day de dis

Fry’s first 100 words: 1-20
his= short I sound
are= r


1.watch a movie =看电影
watch TV=看电视👀
ex: I like to watch a movie at home, because it’s cheaper.
ex: I don’t like to watch TV, I don’t like the programs.

2. what time are you off? 你什么时候结束
ex: I am off at 12:40pm.
ex: What time do you get off work? I’m off at 5 pm.

3. turn on/ turn off =开关(有电源的)
ex: can you turn off the lights? It’s too bright.
ex: Can you turn on the computer? I need to use it.

4. put on/ take off = 穿/脱
ex: You can take off your jacket if you think it’s too hot in here.
ex: Can you put on your socks? It’s really cold today.


I will go to my friend’s school help some students to draw, and dance or write. I want to look at her, when she finish her class, we will go to look movie.


I will go to my friend’s school to visit her. help some students to draw, and dance or write. I want to visit her, when she finishes her class, we will watch a movie. 


Every summer Bobby went to see his grandfather and grandmother. They  lived on a farm. Boby liked to go to the farm. He had a good time there, he liked to help grandfather feed the cows and pigs. It was fun to be at the farm. Bobby liked to help grandmother feed the chickens. One day grandmother gave I’m a little yellow chicken. You may have this little chicken for your own, she said. But you must feed it every day. Oh thank you, he said. Everyday Bobby went to feed the little yellow chicken, he gave it water too. Soon the summer was over, and father came to take Bobby home. He said goodbye to grandmother and grandfather. Then he ran to see his chicken. Goodbye little yellow chicken, said Bobby. Do not forget me. I will come to see you again next summer. Next summer Bobby went back to the farm. He was glad to see grandfather and grandmother. He ran to grandmother and asked her about his little yellow chicken. Where is my chicken? he asked.

Grandmother said, we will see. Soon they went to the barn. Bobby looked and looked, but he did not see his little yellow chicken. Just then a brown hen jumped from a nest. Here is your little yellow chicken, said grandmother. Bobby saw an egg in the nest. Look look he said, I did not know my little chicken, but she did not forget me. She gave me an egg for breakfast.