F2F Class Notes (Lily)


myself clothes—> my own clothes


1.force (verb) – 逼迫
ex: when people force me to eat more, I won’t eat.
ex: my boss will force me to choose music that I don’t like.
ex: My mom never forced me to learn piano.

2. hide (verb)= 藏
hide and seek (noun)= 捉迷藏
ex: I loved to play hide and seek when I was young
ex: Maybe I should hide the secret forever.

3. can you tell? = 你看得出吗
ex: can you tell that I have a baby?
ex: I can tell that you are tired. 我看得出你很累
ex: can you tell the difference? 你看得出区别吗

4. control freak= 控制狂
ex: he is a control freak, he think women should do this and that.

5. expectation (noun)= 期望
expect (verb)= 预期
ex: when you get married, your husband will expect you to do many things, ex: wash the dishes, have a baby, go to work, be good to his parents, clean the house, do the laundry, fold his clothes.
ex: his family will have high expectations of you.
ex: Don’t expect too much from me, I can’t cook.

6. do the laundry= wash the clothes, dry the clothes
ex: do you do the laundry at home? Of course.