F2F Class Notes (Lily)


er: pervert nerdy verb perk
ir: fir bird whirl twirl
ur: furniture structure puncture nurture reimburse occur church

un: bun bunk bed hunt hungry hundred hunter
oun,own : noun down ground pound hound crown found
dg: ridge bridge budget fridge refrigerator
etc: etcetera (….)
,= comma
.= period


1.reimburse (verb)= pay back for some expense incurred 报销
ex: The company reimbursed the cost for the trip.

2.budget= 预算
ex: I have a budget of 8000 a month.
ex: When I buy a car, I will have a budget.

3. period= .
= period of time
=monthly bleeding 月经
ex: I got my period today, I cannot run.
ex: I got my period today, my stomach hurts.