F2F Class Notes (Lily)


1.previous= last
ex: my previous job
ex: my previous apartment

2. advanced technology= 高科技
ex: With the advanced technology…

3. alike (adj)= similar
ex: my sister and I look alike= my sister and I look similar.

4. deja vu = 似曾相识
ex: omg I just had a deja vu, i swear this has happened before.

5. touch wood= 呸呸呸
ex: “I think i’m going to fail my test” “hahahha touch wood”

6. sneeze=a chu a chu
ex: when someone sneezes, you should say “bless you”

7. burp (verb)= 打嗝
hiccup (noun)= 打小隔
ex: if you have a hiccup constantly for 100 times, you will die.
ex: do you burp after you drink coke?

8. hay fever= 花粉过敏症
ex: I have hay fever in spring and summer.