F2F Class Notes (Lily)


do you want to live by yourself? Or with a roommate? why?


short vowel: aeiou

bat bet bit bot but
hat het hit hot hut
nat net nit not nut
pack peck pick pock puck

politic denim kitkat select suggest italic bracket children insist

long vowel: aeiou

sake wake rake take bake brake hate fake cake jake
complete compete decede delete
kite ride a bike, side slide, hike, hike, vibe jibe alive pride
hose rose rode woke poke dope explode bone
puke dude mute huge mute huge cute infuse immune tube



The boys and girls were happy. They were playing in the snow. Some were making snowballs. Some were making a snowman on the hill. Some were going down the hill on a big new sled. Come one boys, called Joe. Who wants a ride on my led? Two boys jumped on the sled with Joe. Away they went down the hill. Soon Bobby found an old dish pan in the snow. This will make a good sled, he said. Here i go.

Down down the hill went Bobby in the old dish pan. He went this way and that way. Round and round, faster and faster. Then over went the dish-pan, and out went Bobby. Over and over he went in the snow. How the children laughed! Bobby laughed too. That was a fine ride, he said. The old dish-pan makes a good sled. Let me ride, said Betty. Let me ride next, said Alice. All the children wanted to ride in the old dish-pan. Down the hill they went, this way and that way. Some fell out in the snow and went over and over, what a good time they had!

Soon there was a big round hole in the old dish-pan. The children could not ride in it. Bobby ran to the snowman and put the dish pan on his head. The children said, the dish pan makes a fine hat for him. Now his head will not be cold. Then they all ran home.