F2F Class Notes (Lily)


sp– sb sound: spring span spit sprout spam whisper

fever= feaver


(to be) have a cold = sick
I am having a cold.
Lots of people are having a cold. 

Did you go to Japan= 你去日本
have you been to Japan= 你去日本吗?


1.handicapped= 残疾的
ex: if you are handicapped, you would need a wheelchair.

2. pho= 越南粉
ex: When I eat pho, I usually ask for the bean sprouts to be cooked.

3. cough (verb/noun)= 咳嗽
ex: I’ve been coughing for 3 weeks.

4. do me a favor= help me
owe XX a favor= 欠XX一个人情
ex: could you do me a favor? 
ex: I owe you a big one. 我欠你一个大人情

5. strong= 浓
ex: the coffee is too strong, I need to add more milk.

6. heavy= 油腻
ex: McD is super heavy.
ex: You shouldn’t eat heavy food at night, it’s hard to digest.

7. high fever = 高烧
low fever= 低烧
ex: I had a high fever for 3 hours.
ex: Nemo had a low fever for 3 days.

8. clueless (adj)= 毫无头绪
ex: When I look at you, I’m clueless of your profession.