F2F Class Notes (Lily)


Blair flair hair rain gain pain train brain Crain rail tail email pail trail frail


1.hair stylist= 理发师💇
ex: I have been using the same hair stylist for 2 years.

2. braid= 编发
ex: I can braid my own hair.

3.childish= 幼稚
ex: it’s very childish to ask a girl “can you be my girlfriend?”

4. limo= 林肯车长的

ex: we would rent a limo to go to the party.

5. typo= typing mistake 打错
ex: I always have typos when I type too fast.
ex: Please correct your typos.

6. ish= like XX 相似XX
ex: I will see you at 3ish.
ex: do you have time around 7ish?
ex: let’s have dinner at 6ish.
ex: the sky is beautiful tonight, it’s bluish purple.
ex: her hair is pinkish.

7. brand= 牌子
ex: you can buy different brands of lipstick like YSL, Chanel, Dior.