F2F Class Notes (Lily)


cousin= cu sen


1. lay off= let an employee go due to bad economy
ex: If you get laid off, the company will give you a big compensation.

2. not my thing= I’m not good at it, not something I’d do/like
ex: Math is not my thing. 
ex: Dealing with numbers is my thing
ex: Long distance relationship is not my thing. 

3. persuade= convince, make someone believe what you say
ex: I persuaded four of my friends to buy the cream.
ex: I tried to persuade my mom to come to SH but I failed.

4. “what goes around comes around”
ex: This is my karma, what goes around comes around.

5. watch your language= don’t swear
ex: “you need to learn how to be a lady” “please watch your language“.
ex: when someone swears at you, you can say “watch your language

6. subordinates= people who work for you, report to you
ex: I buy coffees for my subordinates.

7. mean= bad
ex: My teacher is mean, she always yells at me.

8. yell at= scream at, speak loudly
ex: my mom always yelled at me for not cleaning my room.
ex: I get really pissed when my boyfriend yells at me, I think he had attitude problems.

9. don’t give/show me attitude= when people think they’re way better than u and tell u what to do
ex: My friend would give me attitude if I show up late for dinner.