F2F Class Notes (Lily)


sp– sb sound: spring sprout spat spit especially

expensive= x Ben sivv

ten= t 安


on my hometown–> in my hometown

there have–> there are/ there is

I didn’t buy one clothes–> I didn’t buy any clothes. 


1.puberty= 青春期
ex: During puberty, I had lots of pimples on my face.

2.basement= 地下室
ex: In Beijing, I lived in the basement for 2 years.
ex: My basement is very small and expensive.

3. spit= 吐口水
ex: In China, lots of people like to spit on the ground.
ex: It’s a bad habit to spit in public area/ space.

4. napkin = 餐巾纸
ex: Excuse me, can I have some (more) napkins please?

5. charge (verb)= 收费
ex: Some restaurants will charge you 1 yuan for napkins.
ex: Some private English teachers will charge 400-500 per class.

6. bargain (verb)= 讲价
ex: If you go to QiPu road, you have to bargain for the price.