F2F Class Notes (Lily)


1.evidence (noun)= 证据
ex: if you want to prove that he’s the killer, then you need some evidences. 

2. bored= nothing to do 闲的没事干
ex: I’m very bored today because I don’t have work.
ex: If I’m off work, I’m always bored.

3. boring= 无趣的
ex: This man is very boring, he has no friends and he doesn’t go out.
ex: The pub was so boring so I left in 20 minutes.

4. totally= 完完全全
ex: we look totally different.

5. shiver= 发抖
ex: I was shivering when I saw them with makeup.
ex: it’s too cold, my hands are shivering.

6. across the street= 对面街
ex: we were standing across the street and checking them out.
ex: Reel is across the street.