F2F Class Notes (Lily)


short vowel: aeiou
bat bet bit bot but
back beck bick bock buck

long vowel: aeiou
bate rate bake mate Nate pave rave hate fake brake take gave wake wave cake
pete compete complete完成 interfere delete
kite bide tide jibe ride confide reside sunrise pike hike like
note hose rose nose woke poke rode coke mode 模式
puke 呕吐 mute tube youtube nude dude

I met my classmate at sunrise and we woke up at nine.
you need to delete the note and bake a cake for Pete.
He gave me the coke and woke me for a ride at sunset.

the red hat is on the bug’s bag.
The mad fat man has a little backpack.


1.alcohol= 酒精
ex: I’m allergic to alcohol.  我对酒精过敏

2. gossip (verb)= 八卦
ex: Girls like to gossip. Men like to gossip too.
ex: There are lots of gossips (noun) in the company.