F2F Class Notes (Lily)

Today we focused on:


imagine= iiim ma gin


is he wearing glasses? 是不是
does he have glasses 有没有


1.stuffed (adj)= 填充的
ex: I don’t think I’m sick, I just have stuffed nose.
ex: I have 4 stuffed animals to sleep with my every night.

ex: is your person wearing glasses?
ex: I have to wear glasses because I can’t see well.

3. beard=胡子
ex: I don’t like people with beard

4. curly hair
straight hair
ex: Most Chinese girls have straight hair.
ex: I look better with curly hair

5. blonde hair=金发👱
ex: Most Americans have blonde hair. 

6. pony tail= 马尾
ex: If I don’t wash my hair, I will do a pony tail. 

7. shuffle= 洗牌
ex: if you lose, you need to shuffle the card for the next round.

8. fluke= 侥幸成功
ex: I won the game by fluke!
ex: that was fluke!

9. pool= 桌球
ex: do you like to play pool? Not really.

10. lottery= 彩票
ex: You can buy the lottery today because you are so good at fluke.

11. game point= 定胜负的一局
ex: This is game point, let’s play seriously.