F2F Class Notes (Lily)


Is your person wearing glasses?
Is he/she wearing glasses?

Does your person have orange hair?
Does he/she have orange hair?


1.blonde hair= 金发
ex: Most Americans have blonde hair. 
ex: I think blonde hair girls age easily.

2. curl (verb)= 卷
curly hair=卷发
curler (noun)=卷发棒
ex: I curl my hair every morning.
ex: I have 2 curlers at home, I use them everyday.
ex: I have a mini short curler and a big curler. 

3.straight hair= 直发
ex: Most Chinese girls have straight hair.
ex: I think it’s easy to manage straight hair. 

4.beard= 胡子
ex: I don’t like man with beard.

5. age (noun)= 年龄
age (verb)= 老化
ex: Every girl is scared of aging. 
ex: You aged ! 你变老了!

6. ( it’s) my turn =到我了
( it’s) your turn= 到你了
ex: it’s your turn! Hurry up!