F2F Class Notes (Li) [S]


Update: to change something by including the latest information 更新

eg. I recently updated my work profile.

Restaurant: a place that sells food

wash – waste 

once a week, twice a week

one time a week, two times a week

taste bad – 不好吃

eg. The food I ate last week tastes very bad.


I like to go to restaurants once every two days. Usually, I like to try Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food. I like Chinese food more. I like to eat steamed fish and roast duck. I also like seafood. I don’t like oily food and chicken. Sometimes I go to eat at restaurants with my colleagues. Sometimes Other times, I will go to restaurants with my friends maybe once/one time every week. I don’t like when people speak loudly or sometimes when people waste the food. Sometimes Also, when people are rude to the waiter. But, I think if people tell me come up to me like this I will be angry.

I like when I go with friends to have a little drink and we have a chat. Sometimes at a restaurant when we eat and drink. After the meal, I like to have ice-cream and cakes. My favourite cake is tiramisu and my favourite ice-cream flavour is chocolate.