F2F Class Notes (Li)


move back: return to where you’re from permanently 搬回

eg. My colleague is moving back home at the end of this month.

get back: to return to a place 回去

eg. I usually get back home at around 10 pm.

work sth out: when a difficult situation gets better

eg. Don’t worry about it, we’ll work something out.

transfer: to change a person from one department, team, place etc. 调动

eg. My colleague was transferred here 3 years ago.

farewell dinner: a meal to say goodbye to someone

eg. My colleague and I had a farewell dinner last weekend.

slim/in good shape/has a good body

1,000,000 – one million (six zeroes)

100,000 – one hundred thousand (5 zeros)

10,000 – ten thousand (4 zeros)

milk powder: 奶粉


I discuss the girl only with my colleague only – I only talked about the girl with my colleague 

how is the limitation? – what is the limit?