F2F Class Notes (Li)


spray: 喷雾

eg. You can spray your hair with water to wet it.

in advance: before a particular time 提前, 预先

eg. If you’re going to come, let me know in advance.

delivery: taking something to a person or place 运送, 配送

eg. The company offers free delivery with orders over $100.

benefits: a package that an employee receives in addition to their salary 福利

eg. His company offers a very good benefits package to long-term employees.

Cantonese: 广东话

translator: 翻译(人)


go past it in the morning – went past it in the morning

some people also nervous – some people have been anxious about…

public traffic – public transport 

every time she go to the supermarket – every time she goes to the supermarket

two or three times – two to three times the usual 

expensive to deliver express – express delivery is expensive 

my company 原本就有 – my company already had face masks and alcohol

our company they are only go back very few times every year – in our company they are only allowed to go back a few times a year

share the work – share the responsibilities 

go one place every 3 years – to transfer to another location once every 3 years