F2F Class Notes (Li)


simultaneously: at the same time

eg. You should learn how to work more efficiently by doing more tasks simultaneously

component: a part of something 零件, 成分

eg. How many components does a car have?

A while B – sentence

eg. I would clean my house while talking to my mum on the phone.


close to half hour – close to half an hour

including English and Financial  – including English and Finances 

watch tv and eat same time – watch tv and eat at the same time/simultaneously 

will really busy – will be really busy

I have been resign my previous job – I have resigned from my previous job

I didn’t use any employees by then – I didn’t hire any employees at that time 

on another side – on the other hand

go outside – go abroad 

south-east area – south-east Asia 


simultaneously – si-mal-ta-neous-ly