F2F Class Notes (Li)


departure: leaving somewhere 出發

eg. Departure port 出發港

eg. We might have to change our departure date.

tax-free: 免税

eg. You can buy a lot of cosmetics at the tax-free shop.

tax refund:  退税

eg. You can get a tax refund for your goods at many shops in Japan.

souvenir: 紀念品

eg. He bought a lot of souvenirs when he went on holiday in Japan.

embassy: organisation in a foreign country that represents a country大使馆

eg. We’re still waiting to hear back from the embassy in regards to the application process.

suddenly: unexpectedly 突然

eg. Our trip to Japan was decided suddenly.

budget airline: 廉价航空 

fluently: 流利

eg. I want to speak English more fluently.


at that day – on that day

eight work day – eight working days 

my husband and me – my husband and

There is/are (singular/plural) – 那里有 (the verb “to be”)

eg. In this shop, there are many souvenirs

or There are many souvenirs in this shop.

There must be souvenirs in this shop – 一定有

It has/they have (the verb “to have”)

eg. It has many souvenirs.

eg. They have many shop assistants here.


souvenir – sue-va-neer

abroad – uh-broad

separately – sah-pa-rat-ly