F2F Class Notes (Li)


platform: a method of communication or entertainment, for example television, radio, or the internet 平台

eg. Airbnb is a rental accommodation platform.

rep: short for representative

take sm on: be willing or ready to fight an opponent, especially a stronger one.

eg. I am going to take them on to get my compensation.

five grand/six grand: grand =1000 (1000= a grand)

rental: an arrangement to rent something, or the amount of money that you pay to rent something

eg. A car rental company

compensation: money that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some problem

eg. She received £40,000 in compensation for a lost eye.

eg. You should claim/seek compensation.

amenities: something, such as a swimming pool or shopping centre, that is intended to make life more pleasant or comfortable for the people in a town, hotel, or other places

eg. What kind of amenities does this hotel have?

hot tub: a bath tub

hidden camera: a small camera that is difficult to identify


booked it for twice – booked it twice 

haven’t be in this situation – haven’t encountered this situation

first time it’s more about curious – I was just curious at first 

give a chance – take a chance