F2F Class Notes (Li)


get used to it:  变习惯

eg. If you try doing this every day, you will get used to it.


tomorrow it warmer – tomorrow it will become warmer/tomorrow it will get warmer 

it was 10 – it was 10 degrees 

as I didn’t go to work – since I don’t go to work

I have two project waiting for me but I’m not sure – I have two projects waiting for me but it’s not confirmed 

my cat sleeping every day – my cat sleeps every day

when he was child – when he was a kitten/when he was little 

I need to speaking too much 0 I need to speak more 

if I good it – if I’m good at it, I won’t feel worried

in start – at the beginning 

people around me leave – people around me have left 


1、Do you like to be alone?
2、How do you adjust your mood when you are busy?
3、What kind of superpower do you want to have if you can?
4、As a teacher, how does it feel to face different students every day?
5、Does she want her son to go abroad?
6、Is your university in Shanghai?
7、Why are you so good?
8、Why am I not a cat?
9、Is there any good way to recommend learning English?
10、What kind of person am I?