F2F Class Notes (Li)

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live streamingÁõīśí≠


debut: the occasion when someone performs or presents something to the public for the first time

eg. He started as an actor, making his debut as a director in 1990.

conservation: the¬†protection¬†of¬†plants¬†and¬†animals,¬†naturalareas, and¬†interesting¬†and¬†important¬†structures¬†and¬†buildings,¬†especially¬†from the¬†damagingeffects¬†of¬†human¬†activity¬†ÁĒüÁČ©šŅĚśä§

eg. A wildlife conservation centre

eg. A conservation area

breeder:¬†a person who¬†to¬†keep¬†animals¬†for the¬†purpose¬†of¬†producing¬†young¬†animals¬†in a¬†controlled¬†way ť•≤ŚÖĽšļļ

eg. She was one of the country’s¬†top¬†sheep¬†breeders.
hectares: a¬†unit¬†of¬†measurement¬†of an¬†area¬†of¬†land¬†(10,000 m2) ŚÖ¨ť°∑
popularization: the act of making something known and understood by ordinary people
eg. She wrote a history of the popularization of Chinese food in the USA.
autonomous: independent¬†and having the¬†power¬†to make¬†decisions¬†for yourself¬†Ťá™šłĽÁöĄ
eg. The country now has 17 autonomous regions, each with a distinct culture.
autonomous (2): an autonomous¬†organization,¬†country, or¬†region¬†is¬†independent¬†and has the¬†freedom¬†to¬†govern¬†itself Ťá™ś≤ĽÁöĄ
eg. an autonomous region/province/republic/council
prefecture: ŚéŅ

do action=”reading”/]



debut –¬†day-bue