F2F Class Notes (Li)


Instruments: an object, such as a piano, guitar or drum, that is played to produce musical sounds 乐器

String: (乐器的)弦

Edit: to make changes of a text or film/video 剪辑

eg. I watch online videos to teach myself how to edit videos.

Film camera: Old type of camera

DSLR: big digital camera

Scan: to use a machine to put a picture of a document into a computer, or to take a picture of the inside of something 扫描

eg. I’ll just scan the article into the computer.

photography: the activity or job of taking photographs or filming

photographer: the person who takes pictures

scuba diving: the sport of swimming underwater with special breathing equipment


learn by my own – learn by myself 

learn how to cut the video – learn how to edit videos

I have much hobbies – I have a lot of hobbies 

I just like one sport, it’s swim – I just like one sport, it’s swimming